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Corvette Tachometer Filter, Original Barrel Style, 1975-1991
Model: 1002609
Condition: NEW
With every musical roar from the engine of a classic Chevrolet Corvette with a manual transmission, drivers would greatly rely on the accurate readout of the tachometer. For 1975-1991 Corvettes, this tachometer filter corrects poor or weak…
Corvette Console Gauge Printed Circuit, 1977-1982
Model: 1001465
Condition: NEW
A new 1977-1982 Gauge Cluster Printed Circuit Board can provide the solution to your blinking or non-functioning gauges and gauge lamps. This discontinued GM circuit board has been re-made with thicker copper circuit…
Corvette Trip Odometer Reset Knob, 1963-1977
Model: 1014636
Condition: NEW
Your vehicle’s trip odometer reset button/knob resets all information in the trip odometer (i.e. Mileage, average fuel consumption, average speed and driving time). It is an important component to monitoring the health of your…
Corvette Tachometer Circuit Board, 1978-1979
Model: 1002452
Condition: NEW
A tachometer is an instrument that measures the working speed of an engine, typically in revolutions per minute (RPM). It gives you valuable insight about your vehicle’s performance and overall health. A non-functioning tachometer could…
OER 1967-89 Clock / Tripmeter Reset Knob Set 14053344
Model: 1000474
Condition: NEW
This is an OER® reproduction of the clock/tripmeter reset knob and includes 2 knobs and 2 retaining nuts. Measures 15/16" long. Note: This replacement part may differ slightly from the original cosmetically. A metric and a standard…
Corvette Clock Reset Knob Kit, 1968-1982
Model: 3442423
Condition: NEW
Your time inside of a Chevrolet Corvette is valuable. On third generation (C3) Corvettes, this time inside the prized sports car is recorded by a small clock in the center console. Conforming to the original interior appearance of…
Corvette Dash Cluster Printed Circuit, 1978-1982
Model: 1024529
Condition: NEW
Made to original specifications Keep your Corvette's electronics up to date with this dash cluster printed circuit, made specially for the 1978-1982 Corvette models! …
Corvette Speedometer or Tachometer Lens, 1968-1977
Model: 1002249
Condition: NEW
  Manufactured To Original Specs For Perfect Fit & Crystal Clarity Far Less Expensive Than GM Replacements   …
Corvette Seat Belt Warning Lens, 1977-1979
Model: 1002141
Condition: NEW
Corvette Speedo/Tach Needle, 1978-1982
Model: 1016034
Condition: NEW
Corvette Speedometer/Tachometer Gauge Pointer, 1968-1977
Model: 1002195
Condition: NEW
This 1968-1977 Tachometer or Speedometer Needle Assembly is perfect for your restoration. Replace your worn or faded 1968-1977 Tachometer / Speedometer Needle Assembly with our high quality reproduction in your C3…
Intellitronix 1978-1982 Corvette LED Digital Gauge Panel DP2002
Model: 3927241
1978-1982 Corvette LED Digital Gauge Panel - DP2002 Intellitronix direct fit 1978-1982 Corvette LED Digital Gauge Replacement Dash Panel will make you the talk of your Corvette Club. The 78-82 Corvette LED Digital Panel comes complete with…
Corvette Amp Gauge, Green Face, 1968-1971
Model: 1009464
Condition: NEW
$66.99 ea $56.09
Corvette Lens, Low Fuel/Battery Warning, 1980-1982
Model: 1007033
Condition: NEW
$9.99 ea $8.22
Corvette Temperature Gauge, 1963
Model: 1008393
Condition: NEW
$81.99 ea $68.09
Corvette Door Ajar Warning Lens, 1969-1971
Model: 1002284
Condition: NEW
$14.99 ea $13.83
Intellitronix 1968-1977 Corvette LED Digital Gauge Panel DP2001
Model: 3927240
1968-1977 Corvette LED Digital Gauge Panel - DP2001 Cruise through time in your 1968-77 Corvette with Intellitronix direct fit 68-77 Corvette LED Digital Gauge Replacement Dash Panel. The 1968-1977 Corvette LED Digital Panel comes…
Corvette Speedo/Tach Needle, 1965-1967
Model: 1003562
Condition: NEW
$20.99 ea $18.89
Corvette Tach Face, Mid Horsepower, 1965-1967
Model: 1003554
Condition: NEW
$33.99 ea $28.29
Corvette Rebuilt Instrument Cluster (Speedometer & Tachometer), with Cruise, 1986
Model: 1011853
Condition: REMAN
Professionally rebuilt unit with all LCD's working in like new condition.  Each gauge cluster is year specific so please ensure that you are purchasing the correct item. …
63-77 Trip Odometer Reset Cable Nut On Dash
Model: 3308218
Condition: NEW
Machined aluminum nuts that mount the trip odometer reset cable to the bracket under the dash on 1967-1967 CorvettesC2 CORVETTE SPEEDOMETERS ODOMETERS CABLES NUTS…
$12.99 ea $10.82
Corvette Engine Oil Gauge Pressure Line, Small Block, 1968-1973
Model: 3232505
Condition: NEW
  Reproductions Of Original 1968 All Big Blocks & Small Blocks 1969-73 With Small Blocks …
Corvette Oil Gauge, 60#, 1965-1967
Model: 1016028
Condition: NEW
$61.99 ea $45.89
Corvette Quartz Movement Clock, 1975-1976
Model: 1009253
Condition: NEW
Corvette Trip Odometer Lens, 1963-1967
Model: 1006027
Condition: NEW
65-67 Tach / Tachometer Face - 6500 365-375hp And 425 And 435hp
Model: 1003555
Condition: NEW
$38.99 ea $28.58
Corvette Odometer Motor, USED 1984-1988
Model: 3118145
Condition: USED
These units have been cleaned, lubricated and tested prior to shipment.  …
Corvette Small Gauge Needle, 1968-1977
Model: 3101318
Condition: NEW
Corvette Rebuilt Instrument Cluster (Speedometer & Tachometer), 1989
Model: 1011855
Condition: REMAN
Professionally rebuilt unit with all LCD's working in like new condition.  Each gauge cluster is year specific so please ensure that you are purchasing the correct item. …
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