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Fans & Shrouds

Fans & Shrouds
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Corvette Fan Shroud Seal, 1966-1967
Model: 3463480
Condition: NEW
$4.99 ea
Corvette Radiator Support to Hood Seal Set, 1976-1978
Model: 3237116
Condition: NEW
  Reproduction Of Original Fits 1976-77 All Fits 1978 L48 …
$14.99 st
Corvette Radiator Support Seal Kit, Without Air Conditioning, 1974-1975
Model: 3199271
Condition: NEW
  Reproductions Of Original …
$19.99 st
Corvette Lower Fan Shroud Seal, 327, 1963-1965
Model: 1007689
Condition: NEW
$8.99 ea $6.77
Corvette Fan Shroud Mounting Kit, 1969-1976Early
Model: 3146143
Condition: NEW
Reproductions Of Original Instructions Included Used With Plastic Shrouds Only 16-Piece Kit lt;/strong> Kit Includes:color=blue> 5 Fan Shroud Extension "T" Nuts & Bolts 2 Upper Shourd Mounting "T" Nuts (74-75 Only) 2 Upper…
$9.99 kt
Corvette Radiator Support/Shroud Seal Fastener, Push-In Type, 1969-1978
Model: 1013325
Condition: NEW
Replacement 9pc Kit Plastic Retainers …
$5.99 ea
Corvette Engine Cooling Fan Relay, 1995-1996
Model: 3196264
Condition: NEW
Stock Replacement 5 Connector 3 Required Per Car …
$16.99 ea
Corvette Cooling Fan Control Module Kit, Hi-Lo , 2005-2013
Model: 1025018
Condition: NEW
Finally, a manual fan controller for the C6! New design Plug And Play module installs easily to the PWM-controlled coolant fan found on the C6 Corvette. The factory coolant fan is powerful and incorporates a solid-state controller instead…
$130.99 kt
GM 1977-1981 Corvette Air Duct Seal, NOS 14016160
Model: 3463719
Condition: NOS
Original GM Item 14016160 …
$52.99 kt $52.99
Corvette Fan Shroud Seal Kit, 1974-1976 Early
Model: 3255224
Condition: NEW
  Reproductions Of Original …
$19.99 st
Corvette Engine Compartment Seal Kit, 1969-1972
Model: 3173909
Condition: NEW
  Reproduction Of Original 16-Piece Kit …
$53.99 kt
Corvette Radiator Support To Hood Seal, 1974-1975
Model: 3147004
Condition: NEW
  Reproduction Of Original …
$25.99 ea
Flex-a-lite 18" Stainless Standard Rotation Cooling Fan
Model: 3116376
Condition: NEW
Maximum Airflow At Low RPM Reduced Eng. Load At High RPM Less Resistance At Hwy Speeds More Horsepower Better Gas Mileage 2.25 in. Projected Width 10000 RPM Rating Standard Mounting Pattern …
$81.99 ea
Corvette Cooling Fan Clutch Assembly, Replacement, 1960-1970
Model: 3116073
Condition: NEW
Replacement Fan Clutch, see 1016035 for Correct Fan Clutch Replaces GM 3916141 Code CK & CT  Fits 1960-67 Small Block Engines Fits 1965-67 396ci & 427ci Engines Fits 1968-70 All …
$70.99 ea
Corvette Radiator Support Seals, 1969Late-1972
Model: 1032861
Condition: NEW
  Reproduction Of Original Used With Aluminum Radiator Equipped Cars …
$25.99 st $20.27
Corvette Cooling Fan Clutch Assembly, With L82 & Air Conditioning, AC Delco, 1974-1982
Model: 1032109
Condition: NEW
Stock Replacement1974-75 With Air Conditioning1976-78 L82 & Air Conditioning1977-82 With HD Radiator…
Corvette Fan Clutch Assembly, 1972-1979
Model: 1028181
Condition: NEW
Stock Replacement 1972-73 All 1974-79 All Except Air Conditioning   …
$79.99 ea
Corvette Dual Electric Radiator Cooling Fan System, 1965-1982
Model: 1028178
Condition: NEW
The Flex-A-Lite Dual Electric Radiator Fan System is the most powerful system on the market today. It pulls 2500 CFM and totally eliminates the need for the stock fan and shroud. The dual 12" fans fit compactly in a shroud area and…
$444.99 kt
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