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Corvette Oil Filler Cap, Chrome, 1968-1982
Model: 1027183
Condition: NEW
Replacement Chrome Oil Filler Cap …
Corvette Chrome Oil Dipstick with Tube, 1965-1979
Model: 1028858
Condition: NEW
The primary purpose for your oil dipstick is to indicate the oil level inside the engine, but it does more than that. The dipstick can tell you about the condition of the oil. Also, it can give you an idea of the internal health of the…
Corvette Engine Oil Pan Drain Screw Washer, Nylon, 1957-2011
Model: 1027440
Condition: NEW
This stock replacement engine oil pan drain screw washer is manufactured by GM or by one of its authorized suppliers for use as a factory replacement part. You will find the fit, finish and function meets all GM…
Corvette Oil Filter, PF1218, AC Delco, 1968-1991
Model: 1029897
Condition: NEW
Providing a means for motor oil to be cleaned of contaminants that could cause harmful wear to your engine, an oil filter is a simple yet vital component that must be replaced in combination with every oil change. For owners of various…
Corvette Oil Filler Cap, Chrome, 1965-1981
Model: 1031365
Condition: NEW
These are NOS items, and may show some shelf wear. GM Part 1625763   …
Corvette Engine Oil Pan Gasket, Small Block, 1975-1986Early
Model: 3188950
Condition: NEW
  One-Piece Design Virtually Eliminates Leaks …
Corvette Oil Filler Tube Cap, Chrome, 1963-1965
Model: 1006651
Condition: NEW
$9.99 ea $8.39
Corvette Oil Filler Tube Cap, 327 Chrome, 1966-1968
Model: 1006653
Condition: NEW
$30.99 ea $29.40
Corvette Oil Pickup, with Screen, 1963-1985
Model: 1009320
Condition: NEW
Must be used with oil pan 1028634  …
$29.99 ea $24.49
Chevy V8 Small Block Aluminum Stock Capacity Oil Pan, Passenger Dipstick, Retro Finned
Model: 3144687
Condition: NEW
An enduring staple of Chevrolet, the small block V8 engine first appeared in 1955 and has either carried or inspired the brand’s history of performance since. The powerplant entered the transformative automotive times of the 1980s with…
$121.99 st $113.67
Proform Oil Pan, Street Type Unit, Chrome Plated Steel, Fits Small Block Chevy 1965-1979 66162
Model: 2031693
Condition: NEW
Technical Note: Also fits '80-'84 with driver-side dipstick. Will not fit 302 Hi-Perf. Engine Oil Pan Street Type Unit 5 Quart Capacity Chrome Plated Finish Fits 1965 to 1979 Small Block Chevy Engines with Driver Side…
$88.99 ea $69.99
Corvette Oil Line Kit, Copper Small Block, 1963-1967
Model: 1006666
Condition: NEW
$14.99 kt $12.42
Corvette Engine Oil Dipstick Lower Block Tube, Late 1956-1979
Model: 1002007
Condition: NEW
  Stock Replacement Mounts Inside Block Fits Small Block Only   …
$9.99 ea $8.29
Corvette Engine Oil Dipstick, With 327ci & 350ci, 1965-1974
Model: 1002008
Condition: NEW
  Reproduction Of Original All 327ci & 350ci Except 1965-66 327ci SHP Black Button On Handle Natural Finish Handle   …
$20.99 ea $19.52
Corvette Oil Gauge Line Kit, 427/454, 1969-1973
Model: 1009324
Condition: NEW
$38.99 ea $36.48
Corvette Oil Drain Plug Gasket, 1997-2013
Model: 1012180
Condition: NEW
$4.99 ea $3.63
Corvette Dipstick Tube, 327&350 Chrome, 1965-1974
Model: 1004034
Condition: NEW
$10.99 ea $8.02
Corvette Engine Oil Pan Drain Plug, 1996-2013
Model: 1027439
Condition: NEW
This stock replacement engine oil pan drain plug is manufactured by GM or by one of its authorized suppliers for use as a factory replacement part. You will find the fit and function meets all GM specifications.   Stock…
$15.99 ea $14.39
Hi-Volume Oil Pump Pickup and Screen Small Block
Model: 3463648
Condition: NEW
New Hi-Performance engine oil pump pickup and screen for use with our 1009317 SB Oil Pan.  Fits our SB Chevy Pre-1980 V8 283-350 (4 qts capacity) oil pan 1009317.   …
$29.99 ea $24.66
Corvette Oil Filter, AC Delco PF46, 1997-2006
Model: 1027413
Condition: NEW
ACDelco filters have been engineered to provide maximum filtration for your specific application. ACDelco filters take into consideration all elements of the system so you get not only proper filtration, but the correct air or fluid flow…
Chrome Plated Engine Oil Pan, Small Block, 283-350, 1986-2002
Model: 1026328
Condition: NEW
For Use With 1986-1991 Chevy Small Block 305/ 350 Cubic Inch; 4 Quart Capacity; Without Windage Tray; Rear Wet Sump; Without Baffle; Chrome Plated; Steel  …
Corvette Oil Filter, ZR1 PF970C, ACDelco, 1990-1995
Model: 1009753
Condition: NEW
$9.99 ea $8.99
Corvette Oil Filler Cap, 92 LT1/94-1995 ZR1, 1986-1995
Model: 1007923
Condition: NEW
$12.99 ea $11.17
Corvette Oil Pan Drain Plug, Magnetic, Metric, 1996-2009
Model: 1027405
Condition: NEW
Magnetic drain plug which powerfully attracts metal particles.   Pulls Metal Particles Away From Moving Parts Fits 1996 2nd Design Metric Thread Does Not Include Sealing Washer- Order P/N 22935   …
$7.99 ea $6.69
Corvette Oil Press Line Adapter Fitting, 1965-1968
Model: 1011074
Condition: NEW
$3.99 ea $2.84
Corvette Oil Dipstick, 454, 1970-1974
Model: 1007120
Condition: NEW
Stock Replacement Red Button …
$15.99 ea $12.89
Corvette Oil Dipstick Tube, Chrome, 1958-1964
Model: 1004033
Condition: NEW
$10.99 ea $9.12
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