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The Original California Car Duster, Wood Handle
Model: 1032873
Condition: NEW
Dusters absorbent 100% cotton yarn soaks up dust and loose dirt in seconds and never needs cleaning. The dirtier they get, the better they work! Perfect for touch-ups at car shows.   Quick & Easy To Use Treated Fibers…
$29.99 ea
Lug Nut Cleaning Brush Foam Replacement Heads
Model: 1028253
Condition: NEW
$5.99 pk $3.59
Lloyd Mat Cleaner, 8 Ounce
Model: 1032127
Condition: NEW
Formulated for superior results in cleaning all Lloyd's carpet, rubber, and vinyl floor mats. Our special formula is a superior cleaner/degreaser safe for use on most interior and exterior automotive surfaces. It removes tough stains…
The Original California Car Duster, Plastic Handle
Model: 1024861
Condition: NEW
Dusters absorbent 100% cotton yarn soaks up dust and loose dirt in seconds and never needs cleaning. The dirtier they get, the better they work! Perfect for touch-ups at car shows.   Quick & Easy To Use Treated Fibers…
$22.99 ea
Brake Fluid, DOT 3 Synthetic, 12 Ounce
Model: 1032098
Condition: NEW
$7.99 ea $4.79
Corvette Valve Cover Paint, 1984-1991
Model: 3233834
Condition: NEW
  12 Oz. Can NOTE: Cannot Be Shipped By Air   Restore the Original look to stock valve covers. Correctly tinted and one can will finish both covers. …
$13.99 ea $9.66
Corvette Fender Gripper Fender Cover, C4 Logo Black, 1984-1996
Model: 1016371
Condition: NEW
$29.99 ea $22.27
Paint, Cast Iron Blast Aerosol
Model: 1008920
Condition: NEW
$9.99 ea
Corvette Rallye Wheel Paint, 1967-1982
Model: 1003645
Condition: NEW
$9.99 ea
Paint, Cast Iron Spray Coat Hi-Temp
Model: 1008921
Condition: NEW
$12.99 ea
Corvette Go EZ Detail Brush
Model: 1029937
Condition: NEW
The EZ Detail Go EZ Wheel Brush is the most trusted advanced wheel brush available. Use with confidence on highly polished aluminum, chrome, stainless, clear coated and painted wheels. Soft, nonabrasive 2 inch Nylex Nylon bristles are…
$19.99 $11.99
Power Steering Fluid, 1 Quart
Model: 1032862
Condition: NEW
  Helps prevent wear and corrosion Quiets annoying squeals and squeaks Smooth's and eases steering operation Helps prevent slippage   …
Shock Absorber Paint, Gray
Model: 1027184
Condition: NEW
Cannot be shipped by air. 12 oz Can   …
$11.99 ea $7.72
Corvette Lip Seal Piston Installation Tool, 1965-1982
Model: 3489647
Condition: NEW
Lip Seal Piston Installation Tool, required when rebuilding 1st and 2nd design original lip seal calipers. …
$19.99 st
Corvette Spindle Knockout Tool, 1963-1982
Model: 1024580
Condition: NEW
$19.99 ea
Corvette Touch-Up Paint, Steel Cities Gray 988, 1971-1972
Model: 1015783
Condition: NEW
$25.99 ea $19.78
Corvette Rear Spindle Set-Up Tool, 1963-1982
Model: 1002222
Condition: NEW
Allows you to preset spindle end play. Setting the end play without pressing the bearings on and off will save you time and money. …
$84.99 ea
Engine Orange Spray Paint, High Temperature
Model: 2034843
Condition: NEW
A good selection of excellent quality, reasonably priced paints that provide durability and protection with appearances similar to factory original. All in easy to use aerosol spray cans. …
$12.99 ea
Carpet Absorber Mat
Model: 1031335
Condition: NEW
Prevent fluid leaks from devaluing your home's garage floor with the Carpet Absorber. This 18" x 24" carpet mat captures the brunt of these burdens and features marine backing construction for non-slip protection. Available in Black…
$17.99 ea
Corvette Big EZ Detail Brush
Model: 1029935
Condition: NEW
The Big EZ Detail Brush is ideal for cleaning complex wheel designs where access between spokes and to the inner rim itself is severely restricted. Despite the generous diameter of the brushes, the soft Nylex bristles are highly flexible…
$29.99 $17.99
Sta-Dri Moisture Protection Kit
Model: 1029276
Condition: NEW
Non-toxic and non-corrosive Corvette Moisture Protection Sta-Dri Kits stop mold, rust, and odor caused by moisture build-up. Each kit will protect your Corvette for one or more years of storage, depending on the humidity level of your…
$35.99 kt
Wheel Lug Nut Cleaning/Polishing Brush
Model: 1028252
Condition: NEW
Now you can throw away the make-shift sticks and rags you've used for years to clean recessed lug nut wheels. This tool is a "must have" for every auto enthusiast who wants to detail their wheels perfectly and with the least amount of time…
$11.99 ea $7.19
Corvette Body Molding Touch-Up Kit, 1984-1990
Model: 1027737
Condition: NEW
Keeps wax off of body moulding and keeps molding cleaners off paint.Custom cut to fit front and rear corners and straight sections of 84-90 Corvettes.Comes with applicator for trim cleaners.…
$11.99 kt $7.96
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