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Rear Compartment
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Corvette Rear Compartment Unit Master Frame, Black Paint to Match, 1968-1979 Early
Model: 1001455
Condition: NEW
For Rear Compartments with 3 Door  Comes In Black Or Paint-To-Match Doors & Hardware Not Included   …
$23.99 ea
Corvette Compartment Jack Tray, Plastic, Right Rear, 1968-1979 Early
Model: 1001921
Condition: NEW
This is a plastic reproduction of the original wood fiber jack storage liner. 1968-1972 Replacement Tray 1973-1979E Reproduction Of Original ABS Construction   …
$39.99 ea
Corvette Floor Pan Drain Plugs, 8 Piece Set, 1963-1976
Model: 1024013
Condition: NEW
Used for Floor Pan and Storage Compartment 8 Piece Set …
$4.99 st
Corvette Rear Window Hatch Vent, 1984-1996
Model: 1005379
Condition: NEW
Rear Window Hatch Vent is a heavy-duty aluminum alloy bracket that raises the back of the rear window 1-½" from the closed position. It installs in just seconds with roof panel ratchet, to the lock striker without modifications to the…
$24.99 ea
Corvette Rear Storage Compartment Bumpers, 1968-1982
Model: 1001920
Condition: NEW
  6 Piece Set Reproduction of Original   …
$7.99 ea
Corvette America 1968-1977 Chevrolet Corvette Rear Door Pulls 3 Piece
Model: 3115329
Condition: NEW
  Reproduction Of Original All Interior Colors Firethorn Pictured Set Of 3 …
from $11.99 st
Corvette Rear Center Compartment Assembly, With Bezel & Lens, 1968-1976
Model: 1001919
Condition: NEW
New Reproduction Center Rear Storage Compartment Liner Assembly. Comes with new liner, lamp lens and bezel (shield) pre-installed for easy installation below rear compartment doors. GM Part #3926236 …
$39.99 ea
Corvette Rear Compartment Door Striker Kit, 1968-1979 Early
Model: 1001203
Condition: NEW
3 Striker Assemblies. Includes: 3 Screw Plates 6 Screws 6 Rubber Bumpers   …
$19.99 kt
Corvette Door Compartment Storage Latch, 1968-1982
Model: 1001199
Condition: NEW
  Nonlocking   …
$14.99 ea
Corvette America 1970-1979 Chevrolet Corvette Rear Compartment Unit Pile 3 Door
Model: 3104784
Condition: NEW
Show Quality Reproduction Fully Assembled Transfer Your Existing Locks Made In The USA 1-Year Limited Manufacturer Warranty This reproduction rear compartment door assembly is ideal for saving time in the restoration of your…
from $224.99 ea
Corvette Rear Center Assembly Compartment, 1977-1979 Early
Model: 1011301
Condition: NEW
1977-1979 has no Light in the Center Compartment Made to original specifications This rear center assembly compartment is an inportant piece to consider for any interior restoration; this item is made specially for your 1977-1979…
$21.99 ea
Corvette Curtain Retainer Clips, Original, 1984-1996
Model: 1005380
Condition: NEW
These Clips Are Now A Reproduction Of The Original Style Curtain Clips. …
Corvette Rear Cargo Shade, With Embroidered C6 Logo, 2005-2013
Model: 1025296
Condition: NEW
  Adds Style To Rear Cargo Shade Replaces Stock Shade Quality Embroidered C6 Logo Fits All Coupes & Z06   …
$78.99 ea
Corvette Compartment Door Hinge Set, 1968-1979 Early
Model: 1001204
Condition: NEW
Your 1968-1979 Corvette Rear Compartment Storage area not only provides space for your cruising gear, but it also houses the battery, making it a high-contact area susceptible to increased wear. Make sure you can always access…
$32.99 st
Corvette America 1968-1979 Chevrolet Corvette Rear Compartment Unit Door Frames 3 Piece
Model: 3104789
Condition: NEW
  Reproductions Of Original 3-Door Style Ready-To-Install In All Original Colors For Black See Part Number A2970 …
from $21.99 st
Corvette Rear Compartment Door Frames, 1979Late-1982
Model: 1024712
Condition: NEW
  Reproductions Of Original 2-Piece Frame Black Or Paintable These Corvette reproduction compartment door frames have been manufactured to original factory specifications using today's modern manufacturing techniques…
$28.99 st
Corvette Rear Compartment Lift Tabs, 1977-1979 Early
Model: 1002448
Condition: NEW
Includes 3 Stainless Steel Lift Tabs. Paint-to-match interior colour.  GM Part #472734   Note: Can be used as an upgrade for 1968-1977 Corvettes …
$14.99 st
Corvette Rear Compartment Lock Retainer, 1968-1979 Early
Model: 1001198
Condition: NEW
  Reproduction Of Original 3-Piece Set Used On Lock Or Latch   …
$12.99 st
Corvette Curtain Retainer Clips, Improved Design, 1984-1996
Model: 3942442
Condition: NEW
Eliminates Squeaks  Improved To Hold Shade (Has more of a hook shape than original that holds much better that original.)  These specially designed clips will hold your curtain in place more securely than the stock…
$10.99 pr
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