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Precision 1995-1996 Chevrolet Corvette Hatch Seal TS 108 SA
Model: 1024432
Condition: NEW
It is important to replace your worn or damaged weatherstrips. Seals keep rainwater and splashes from puddles from seeping into your vehicle, which can cause rust, mold growth, and other damage to your vehicle and it’s interior. The…
Corvette Weatherstrip, Trunk Lid, USA, 1959-1962
Model: 1015207
Condition: NEW
$19.99 ea $18.54
Corvette Coupe Rear Hatch Window Seal, Front Secondary Seal, 1997-1998
Model: 1033874
Condition: NEW
#3 in Diagram …
$179.99 $107.99
Corvette Weatherstrip, Rear Window Import, 1984-1996
Model: 3432399
Condition: NEW
$152.99 ea $70.52
59-62 Trunk Lid Weatherstrip - Tubular Correct With Ribs
Model: 1000802
Condition: NEW
* This Trunk Lid Weatherstrip is 150 inches long and has no "s" logo. This trunk lid weatherstrip is installed on the trunk lid with the square cornerto the lid. The curved ribbed surface is what touches the body. The seam should be at the…
Corvette Weatherstrip, Trunk Side, Convertible/ Fixed Roof Coupe/Z06, Auxilary, Left/Right, 1998-2004
Model: 3261733
Condition: NEW
Replacement Fits All Convertibles, FRC And Z06 …
Corvette Trunk Weatherstrip, Convertible/Hardtop, 1998-2004
Model: 3256605
Condition: NEW
Excellent Driver Quality Reproduction Weatherproof Urethane Coating Provides "Tough As Nails" Skin EPDM Synthetic Foam Rubber Construction Smooth Finish Won't Stick Or Pull Apart Fits Trunk Seal Of 1998-2004 Hardtop & Convertible…
Corvette Trunk Lid Weatherstrip, 1959-1962
Model: 1000801
Condition: NEW
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