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Corvette Body Mount Reinforcement #4, Left, 1968-1982
Model: 1002543
Condition: NEW
The third generation (C3) Chevrolet Corvette was introduced in 1968 with what was one of the most stunning fiberglass bodies ever seen on a sports car. In order to keep this body securely planted on your classic 1968-1982 Corvette, this…
Corvette Body Mounting Nut, 1963-1982
Model: 1001381
Condition: NEW
Corvette Body Mount Access Plate, 1963-1982
Model: 1000086
Condition: NEW
  Reproduction Of Original Mount #1 & #3   …
Corvette Body Mount, #2 or #3 on Frame with Nut, 1968-1974
$67.99 ea $48.87
53-62 Body Mount Bracket - Rear Side On Frame Left
Model: 1006222
Condition: NEW
$235.99 ea $167.03
7/16"-14 x 3-1/2" Grade 8 Frame Bolt, Non-Indented, Non-Serrated, Black Phosphate & Oil
Model: 4949490
Condition: NEW
For Use With Polyurethane Body Mount Kits Only   …
Redline Restomotive® 1964-1982 Chevrolet Corvette Body Mounting Bolt Kit
Model: 1001574
Condition: NEW
For Use With Polyurethane Body Mount Kits Only Includes 8 x Grade 8 Body Mount Flange Bolts   …
Corvette Body Mount Kit, Bolt, Shim, Nut & Washer, 1973-1982
Model: 1000082
Condition: NEW
Kit includes: 8-Bolts 8-Nuts 8-Flatwashers 16-Square shims   …
69-75 Frame Rail Heat Shield
Model: 1032053
Condition: NEW
Mounts between frame rail and underbody in front of #2 body mount.UNDER BODY FRAMES RAILS SHIELDS…
63-82 Underbody Body Mount Shim - U-shape - Set Of 6
Model: 1000084
Condition: NEW
Zinc plated U shaped 1 5/16" wide X 1 5/16" long. shim with a 1/2" slot.C2 CORVETTE FRAME SPACERS MOUNTING MOUNTS SHIMS…
Corvette Body Mount Blocks, Rubber, 1963
Model: 1010231
Condition: NEW
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