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Corvette Custom In-Dash & Kick Panel Upgrade Speakers, 1968-1982
Model: 3102152
Condition: NEW
Great Upgrade Over Original Speakers Get great sound with these replacement in-dash speakers for 1970-82's or use them as kick-panel replacement front speakers on 1968-69 models. These 4" x 6", dual cone speakers are 4 ohm units…
$39.99 pr
Custom Autosound Undercover II Speaker Enclosures
Model: 3021362
Condition: NEW
The Undercover II gives you a little more from your hidden speaker system. Custom Autosound has developed the Undercover II with an 8" woofer and 2 Piezo tweeters in each unit. The Undercover II can be mounted anywhere it will fit, on…
$179.99 pr
Corvette Speaker, Dash, 1958-1967
Model: 1003657
Condition: NEW
Includes COIL AND CONNECTOR 6X9 CORRECT 8 OHM SPEAKER This speaker is designed to be used with the original / stock radios. If you have a custom/upgrade radio you will need the upgrade speakers.  …
$35.99 ea
Custom Autosound 1968-1982 Chevrolet Corvette Speakers, Custom In-Dash Or Kick Panel
Model: 3219353
Condition: NEW
  Upgrade Hi-Output Speakers These Are Custom Replacement In-Dash Speakers For 1970-77 Corvettes And Are Used In The Kick Panels As Replacements On 1968-69 Models Add As Hi-Output Speakers To The Kick Panels Of 1970-82…
$49.99 pr
Corvette Audiophile Plus Speaker System, without Speakers, 1968-1977
Model: 3116755
Condition: NEW
Will not fit Convertibles or 68-72 with Rear Window Trays Uniquely designed to maximize compartment space utilizing every inch with a tuck-away design, C3 Audiophile Plus speaker sound systems are a big hit with Vette owners…
$200.99 pr
Corvette Audiophile Plus Speaker System, without Speakers, 1978-1982
Model: 3116754
Condition: NEW
Uniquely designed to maximize compartment space utilizing every inch with a tuck-away design, C3 Audiophile Plus speaker sound systems are a big hit with Vette owners.  T-top and rear compartment storage is not sacrificed, nor the…
$200.99 pr
Corvette Speaker, Front 1984-1996, Rear 1984-1989, Bose
Model: 1029835
Condition: NEW
  Restores Original Sound 1984-96 All Front With Bose 1984-89 All Rear With Bose   …
$99.99 ea
Corvette Speaker, 60 Watt Kenwood Dual, 1953-1957
Model: 1032383
Condition: NEW
Kenwood quality upgrade replacement for your original front in-dash speakers. These great quality speakers can handle up to 60 watts and are built and designed to fit directly under the dash including all correct mounting brackets and…
$69.99 ea
VB-5 Neoprene Gasketing Foam, 4 Pack, (10 x 10)
Model: 3014900
Condition: NEW
Vb-5 is a one-eighth inch thick layer of neoprene, nitrile foam. Use vb-5 between plastic interior and exterior panels, behind license plates and around third brake lights to prevent rattles from ocurring. Vb-5 is perfect as a gasketing…
$27.99 ea
Custom Autosound Corvette Kick Panels with 80 Watt Speakers, 1963-1967
Model: 1028709
Condition: NEW
Kickpanels with speakers were developed by Custom Autosound in the 1980's to enhance the sound quality of your radio by adding custom speaker assemblies to classic cars and trucks. While our kickpanels enhance the interior appearance of…
$154.99 pr
Corvette Dash Speaker Mount Bracket, USED 1970-1977
Model: 3464468
Condition: USED
Original dash speaker bracket to mount the dash speakers to the dash pad.  Good used condition. …
$30.99 ea
Custom Autosound 1958-1967 Chevrolet Corvette Dual Speakers
Model: 3428207
Condition: NEW
Custom Autosound's dual dash speakers provide great stereo sound from your classic car or truck's factory mono speaker location. Our 1,000 series is designed to replace OEM speakers generally held in-place by screws. Our 2,000 series…
$33.99 ea
Corvette Speaker Interface, Bose, 1984-1989
Model: 3148249
Condition: NEW
  Allows Use Of Non-Bose Stereos With Bose Speakers …
$39.99 st
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