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Corvette Valve Cover Gaskets, 396/427, 1965-1974
Model: 1006650
Condition: NEW
$15.99 pr $10.48
Mr. Gasket Ultra-Seal Valve Cover Gaskets 5867
Model: 3274622
Condition: NEW
Ultra-Seal is Mr. Gasket premium valve cover gasket material. It's manufactured from a high density cork and rubber blend with a black latex coat applied to the outside to help seal minor flange irregularites and eliminate oil leakage. It…
$32.99 ea $31.46
Corvette Valve Cover Gaskets, Ultra-Seal, Small Block, 1960-1986 Early
Model: 1002344
Condition: NEW
Ultra-Seal material provides a positive seal through controlled swelling of the gasket once exposed to hot engine oil. The polymers used in Ultra-20 also insure gaskets will not harden and fall apart like others can. Gaskets are coated…
Mr. Gasket Ultra-Seal Valve Cover Gaskets 5860
Model: 2033895
Condition: NEW
Creates a positive seal. Controlled swelling gasket. Thickness will not decrease. Eliminates re-torque of valves. High-tensile strength. Handles ex flange pressure and forms a leak proof seal. Black latex…
Corvette Valve Cover Gaskets, Rubber, 396/427, 1965-1974
$13.99 pr $8.05
Corvette Valve Cover Gaskets (86 Aluminum Heads), 1986-1992
$33.99 $24.03
Mr. Gasket Performance Valve Cover Gaskets 168
Model: 3273785
Condition: NEW
Mr. Gasket Performance Valve Cover Gaskets are high-density cork/rubber blend gaskets that use evenly sized cork particles distributed evenly throughout the rubber binder. The result is a compressible valve cover gasket without leak paths…
Corvette Valve Cover Gasket Set, 1993-1996
Model: 1009751
Condition: NEW
$28.99 pr $17.26
Mr. Gasket Ultra-Seal Valve Cover Gaskets, .187 Inch Thick 5862
Model: 4018284
Condition: NEW
These are high quality gaskets that works well on those hard to seal applications. The low density fiber & rubber blend gasket material seals those minor head imperfections with a low clamp force. At .187 inch, the extra thickness can also…
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