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Corvette Tachometer/Speedometer Cable, 1969-1982
Model: 1001568
Condition: NEW
This cable is used for the 1969-1974 tach cable and the 1977-1982 upper cruise control cable. Cables include inner and outer, 23" long.   …
$41.99 ea $35.34
Corvette Lower Speedometer Cable, With Cruise Control, 1977-1982
Model: 1028438
Condition: NEW
Lower speedometer cable with cruise control, 49" long with black jacket. …
$28.99 ea $15.43
Corvette Speedometer Cable, With Automatic Transmission, 1978-1982
Model: 1002099
Condition: NEW
Fit, look and perform like OE for ease of repair and installation without needed modification Quality polymer cable insulations protect cable from corrosion and abrasions, ensuring long lasting performance Restores normal…
$18.99 ea $11.79
Corvette Speedometer Cable, For Cars With Manual Transmission, 1969-1981
Model: 1002606
Condition: NEW
Reproduction Of Original Use With Manual Transmission Or With One-Piece Cable 80" Long   …
$28.99 ea $15.68
Corvette Upper Speedometer Cable, 1969-1977
Model: 1002596
Condition: NEW
Cables include inner and outer. Used on cars with 2-piece Speedometer cable. Replacement Cable Use With Automatic Transmission Or Two-Piece Cable   …
$26.99 ea $14.64
OER 69" Push-On Speedometer Cable 6478176
Model: 2029900
Condition: NEW
This speedometer cable is manufactured as original. It is a push-on design and measures 69" in length. Note: Firewall grommet not included. Applications: Buick…
Corvette Speedo Cable, Auto & 3Spd, 1965-1967
Model: 1011654
Condition: NEW
$59.99 ea $45.39
Corvette Speedometer Cable, 72 Inch, 1969-1977
Model: 1002909
Condition: NEW
Cables include inner and outer. 4 Speed 1 Piece Cable …
$31.99 ea $27.36
Corvette Speedometer/Tachometer Cable, 1958-1968
Model: 1029895
Condition: NEW
Replacement Cable 72" Overall Length Fits 1958-1961 All With Generator Driven Tachometer Fits 1965-68 Speedometer With 4-Speed Transmission   …
Corvette Lower Speedometer Cable, 1969-1977
Model: 1001611
Condition: NEW
Cables include inner and outer. Used on cars with 2-piece Speedometer cable.   …
Classic Headquarters 69-Up Speed-O-Meter Cable Retaining Clip W-090
Model: 1029825
Condition: NEW
Spring steel clip holds speedo cable end to instrument. Each.…
$8.99 ea $4.87
Corvette Speedo/Tach Cable 59", (65-68 Automatic/58-61 Tach), 1958-1968
Model: 1011653
Condition: NEW
Replacement Cable 59" Overall Length 1958-61 Tachometer Cable 1963 Speedometer Cable 1965-68 Speedometer Cable With Automatic Transmission 1966 Speedometer Cable With 3-Speed Transmission …
$60.99 ea $50.43
OER 55" Thread-On Speedometer Cable 6478125
Model: 3085409
Condition: NEW
This is a reproduction of the lower speedometer cable as was used on 1967-69 Camaro models and 1982 Camaro models equipped with a 4-speed manual with cruise control. This reproduction is manufactured exactly like the original, and is a…
OER 1969-85 Speedometer Cable Retainer Clip 6491006
Model: 3444503
Condition: NEW
Reproduction speedometer cable retainer clip for 1969-81 Camaro models. Retains the speedometer cable to the back of the speedometer. …
63-64 Speedometer Cable All - Gray Case 57"
Model: 1011652
Condition: NEW
Includes inner and outer. This cable is used on 1963-1964 4 speed, 3 speed, and automatics with the speedometer cable fitting on the left hand side of the transmission.GREY CABLES SPEEDO…
OER Speedometer Cable 24" Thread-On 6454481
Model: 3444451
Condition: NEW
This is a reproduction of the lower speedometer cable. This reproduction is manufactured exactly like the original, and is a thread-on design. The cable measures 24" in length. Applications: 1967-69 Camaro 3 Speed with Console 1967-72…
1956-1960 Speedometer Cable - 4 Speed Steel Case 62"
Model: 1010651
Condition: NEW
This 62-inch steel case speedometer cable is for 4-speed 1956-1960 Corvettes.SPEEDO CABLES…
53-62 Speedometer Cable - Steel Case 68"
Model: 1010649
Condition: NEW
56-59 Auto, 56-62 Muncie Transmission.SPEEDO CABLES…
Corvette Speedometer Cable, 1963-1964
Model: 3256128
Condition: NEW
  Replacement Cable Fits 1963-64 Cars With Automatic Transmission Fits 1964 3-Speed   This Corvette replacement speedometer cable has been manufactured to meet or exceed factory specifications and…
$40.99 ea $34.95
56-62 Speedometer Cable - 3 Speed Steel Case 60"
Model: 1010650
Condition: NEW
69-82 Speedometer / Tach / Tachometer Cable Retainer Clip
Model: 4019023
Condition: NEW
Attaching clip on the back of speedometer or tachometer, holds cable in place.GAUGES CLIPS CABLES…
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