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Corvette Spark Plug Wires, AC Delco, 1997-2003
Model: 1032069
Condition: NOS
$156.99 $107.43
Corvette Spark Plug Wires, Delphi, 1998-1999
Model: 1032067
Condition: NEW
$103.99 $71.05
Corvette Spark Plug Wires, Manual, AC Delco, 1996
Model: 1013049
Condition: NOS
$224.99 st $158.54
Corvette Spark Plug Wires, Automatic, AC Delco, 1996
Model: 1013048
Condition: NOS
$128.99 st $100.48
Corvette Spark Plug Wires, Small Block, 1975-1982
Model: 1002338
Condition: NEW
Replacement Wires Manufactured With Packard Wire, Same As Original GM Wires Correct OHMS Resistance/Foot Correct Lengths & Instructions Correct Premium Boots/Terminals Kevlar Wrapped Insulation/Superior To…
Corvette Spark Plug Wires, Moroso, Blue, 1975-1982
Model: 3123374
Condition: NEW
For Use With Headers Custom-Fit For Corvettes   Moroso's "Blue Max" Spiral Core Spark Plug Wires should be used whenever headers are installed. We've selected the Moroso brand for three very good reasons. First, they are…
Corvette Moroso Ultra 40 Unsleeved Custom-Fit Wire Sets, Red, 1975-1982
Model: 3428716
Condition: NEW
For Use With Headers Custom-Fit For Corvettes   The new standard in ignition wires for racers on a budget! Moroso Ultra 40 unsleeved custom-fit ignition wire sets are the most powerful and RFI/EMI-resistant wires available…
Corvette Spark Plug Wires, AC Delco, 1984
Model: 1009755
Condition: NEW
Corvette Spark Plug Wires, 1997-2004
Model: 1027485
Condition: NEW
High Temperature Silicone Low Resistance For Hotter Spark Red To Match Coil Covers Set Of 8 These wires are replacements that provide a hotter spark. They have maximum firepower without radio interference and provide less…
Corvette Spark Plug Wires, LS1/LS6, 1997-2004
Model: 1027479
Condition: NEW
These Corvette replacement spark plug wires have been manufactured to meet or exceed factory specifications and performance. You will find the fit and function will work perfectly for your Corvette.   Replacement…
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