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Corvette HEI Distributor Conversion, 1962-1974
Model: 1028477
Condition: NEW
Introduced to General Motors engines in the mid-1970s, the HEI (High Energy Ignition) distributor featured greater voltage production and more compact design than the previous point type ignition system. The attractive configuration of an…
Corvette Tachometer or Speedometer Cable Adapter, 90
Model: 1024617
Condition: NEW
For 1960-74 Corvettes with severe tachometer cable binding, when replacing a broken cable or to prevent future problems, install our 90 Tachometer/Speedometer Cable Adapter. It allows you to run the cable straight into the adapter…
Chevy HEI Power & Tach Feed Wires
Model: 3102498
Condition: NEW
HEI Power Pigtails will get power from your ignition to your HEI distributor on a GM HEI. Package includes an 8 in. lead and plug into the OEM distributor cap. …
Corvette HEI Distributor Cap and Rotor, Red, 1975-1991
Model: 1029049
Condition: NEW
NOTE: This item has a twist-style screw on cap.  If you have regular screws to install your existing distributor and want to use this item, please check under the screw holes in the distributor and see if the provisions are there to…
$34.99 $31.49
Corvette Distributor Shaft, 1962-1974
Model: 1024396
Condition: NEW
$68.99 ea $68.99
Corvette Distributor Small Parts Kit, 1962-1974
Model: 1007047
Condition: NEW
$13.99 kt $12.22
Corvette Distributor Rotor, With HEI, 1975-1991
Model: 1002340
Condition: NEW
Replacement Rotor Will Not Fit ZR1   …
Corvette Distributor Spring & Weight Kit, 1956-1974
Model: 1010176
Condition: NEW
$9.99 ea $7.99
Corvette Distributor Hold Down, with Bolt, 1956-1982
Model: 1006347
Condition: NEW
Replacement For 53 -69 distributors …
$12.99 ea $9.50
Corvette Distributor Gear Pin, 1956-1982
Model: 1013956
Condition: NEW
Corvette Tach Drive Unit Repair Kit, 1956-1961
Model: 1006538
Condition: NEW
$34.99 kt $23.31
Corvette AC Delco, Spark Plug Wire Set, HEI, 1981-1984
Model: 3270664
Condition: NEW
  Original AC Delco Part Correct Boots & Length Fits V8 Engines Looking to complete your engine restoration on your 1981-1984 Camaro. The function of spark plug wires is to link the coil, distributor and spark plugs…
$51.99 st $40.51
Corvette Distributor Mounting Gasket, 1955-1991
Model: 3163599
Condition: NEW
  Replacement Gasket 2 Required For Fuel Injections 1957-65 With Fuel Injection Must Be Modified For Pin This Corvette replacement distributor mounting gasket has been manufactured to meet or exceed factory…
Corvette Distributor Ground Strap, 1978-1984
Model: 1032913
Condition: NEW
Corvette Distributor Cover, 1985-1991
Model: 1032024
Condition: NEW
Stock Replacement Replaces Missing, Broken or Discolored Originals Restores Showroom New Look Factory Original Part (Aluminum) Replace your 85-91 Corvette L98 missing or damaged distributor cover. This Intake Plenum Extension…
Corvette Distributor and Rotor, 1992-1994
Model: 1029864
Condition: NEW
$44.99 ea $31.88
Corvette Tach Drive Unit Housing Gasket, 1956-1961
Model: 1010663
Condition: NEW
$5.99 ea $4.97
Corvette Distributor Seal, 1992-1993
Model: 1032758
Condition: NEW
$17.99 $10.79
Distributor Rotor, Delco, 1987-1992
Model: 3122954
Condition: NEW
$11.99 ea $7.75
Corvette Distributor Ground Lead Wire, 1975-1978
Model: 1032914
Condition: NEW
$6.99 $4.19
Corvette Distributor Vacuum Advance, 454, 1971-1972
Model: 1032055
Condition: NEW
$99.99 $62.49
Corvette HEI Replacement Distributor Cap Harness Connector, 1975-1985
Model: 1027734
Condition: NEW
  For Tachometer Side Replaces Damaged or Missing Connectors Snap-In Installation   …
$5.99 ea $3.79
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