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Corvette Battery Hold Down Kit, 1968-1982
Model: 1028684
Condition: NEW
This battery hold down kit includes two plates, one bracket, one reinforcement, one bolt and five rivets. …
Corvette Battery Hold Down Clamp 1967-1982
Model: 1002607
Condition: NEW
Battery hold down bracket, includes 1498 bolt. 1967 w/o A/C  1968-82 All …
Redline Restomotive® Battery Quick Disconnect Switch, Side Post
Model: 1024613
Condition: NEW
Our patented Side Post Battery Disconnect switch is designed to be used with General Motors style batteries with the connections on the side.  A simple twist of a knob provides a convenient way to quickly disconnect and reconnect…
BatteryButler® Battery Storage Float Charger, 12 Volt
Model: 3122944
Condition: NEW
Fully Automatic - Will keep your battery fully charged without over charging.  The on-board microprocessor turns the charger on and off based on your battery's demands. It does so automatically, every few milliseconds. Designed…
Redline Restomotive® Battery Disconnect Switch, Top Post
Model: 1029186
Condition: NEW
Our patented Top Post Battery Disconnect switch is designed to be used with General Motors style batteries with the connections on the top.  A simple twist of a knob provides a convenient way to quickly disconnect and reconnect power…
Corvette Battery Terminal Bolt, Side Mount, 1969-1996
Model: 3267600
Condition: NEW
Replacement Bolt This Corvette replacement bolt has been manufactured to meet or exceed factory specifications and performance. You will find the fit and function will work perfectly for your Corvette. …
68-82 Battery Hold Down Reinforcement - Rear
Model: 1002608
Condition: NEW
Fuse Box Cover Bolt
Model: 1027509
Condition: NEW
This part is a bolt, accessory wiring junction block cover (thumb-screw), for Chevrolet, Chevrolet Trucks, Buick, Oldsmobile Trucks, Pontiac, Oldsmobile, GMC Trucks, Opel, and Vauxhall cars. …
$9.99 ea $8.27
Corvette Battery Hold Down Spacers, 4 Piece Set, 1956-1966
Model: 1005612
Condition: NEW
Black 1/8" thick triange shaped rubber pads. One pad is used on each corner, between rhe battery and retainer ring on C1 and C2 Corvettes …
68-82 Battery Hold Down Clamp - Rivets To Floor Front
Model: 1011881
Condition: NEW
$8.99 ea $7.49
Corvette Delco or Exide Tar Topper Battery Cover
Model: 3117384
Condition: NEW
Provides Vintage Appearance Yet Allows Use Of Modern Delco or Exide Battery Kit Includes A Molded Polymer Replica Of Original Tar Top Style Batteries 3-Sided Kit Leaves Optima Virtually Hidden When installing the Tar Toper on…
67-82 Battery Hold Down Bolt
Model: 1006981
Condition: NEW
BatteryButler® Cigarette Lighter & Power Plug Adapter
Model: 3316547
Condition: NEW
Conveniently charge/maintain your vehicle's battery through the cigarette lighter or power plug port. Fuse protected with 12" cord. Connects to Battery Butler Storage Charger (BBFC100 & BBFC200). ****Adapter should only be used in a…
$5.99 ea $4.94
Corvette Battery Bolt & Nut Kit, 1953-1961
Model: 1024052
Condition: NEW
Corvette Battery Retainer, Air & 396, 1963-1967
Model: 1003292
Condition: NEW
The width between the brackets measures 7 1/16 inch. The outside of the brackets is 7 1/4 inch. Overall outside measurement on the loops is 8 7/16 inch. …
$17.99 ea $15.95
Corvette Battery Tray, 1956-1962
Model: 1003605
Condition: NEW
$132.99 ea $116.52
Battery Mat
Model: 4866346
Condition: NEW
* 8" x 12" The Battery Mat is a patented absorption and acid-neutralizing material designed for use under any lead acid battery. It helps protect the battery box and the surrounding areas. CORVETTE BATTERY BATTERIES CHARGERS …
Corvette Battery Hold Down Wingnuts, 1962-1967
Model: 1024025
Condition: NEW
$4.99 pr $4.99
GM 2014-2021 Chevrolet Corvette Assembly Nut 11546449
Model: 4019742
Condition: NEW
Uses Include: Washer Reservoir Nut, Battery Tray Washer, Hold Down Nut, Rear Insulator Nut, Mount Bracket Nut, Mirror Assembly Nut, Lower Bracket Nut, Upper Bracket Nut, Bracket Nut, Deflector Nut, Fuse & Relay Box Nut, Rear Bracket…
Battery Quick Disconnect Switch, Top Post
Model: 3001939
Condition: NEW
Avoid Short Circuits & Battery Drain Fools Thieves Just twist the handy knob and cut off current at the battery. Simple switch installs in minutes and easily removes to return to original condition. Purchase jumper wire (P/N 88-0337-1)…
Corvette Battery Heat Shield Retainer, Position #2, 1997-2004
Model: 3275855
Condition: NEW
  Stock Replacement …
$4.99 ea $3.01
RetroSound Exile EM-1 LED Battery Monitor
Model: 3315008
Condition: NEW
The Exile EM-1 LED battery monitor will tell you your battery’s charge status at a glance. The EM-1 has a three-stage LED readout, and can be left attached to your car battery. If your battery is low, simply plug your Exile EX-1 battery…
Corvette Battery Heat Shield Retainer, Position # 1, 1997-2004
Model: 3193906
Condition: NEW
  Stock Replacement …
Corvette Battery Hold Down Nuts, Wing-Type, 1962Late-1967
$8.99 pr $5.96
Corvette Battery Cable, Positive ZR1, 1993-1995
Model: 1012860
Condition: NEW
$95.99 ea $73.38
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