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Corvette Clutch Fork Boot, 1963-1981
Model: 1001842
Condition: NEW
The clutch fork and connecting linkage convert the movement of the clutch pedal to the back-and-forth movement of the clutch throw-out bearing. To disengage the clutch, the release bearing is moved toward the flywheel by the clutch fork…
Corvette Clutch Linkage Retainer Clip, 1964-1981
Model: 1002549
Condition: NEW
The role of the Clutch Linkage Retainer Clip is to hold the cable in place and prevent it from moving around ensuring functionality and longevity. You will find the fit and function meets all GM specifications. This clutch linkage retainer…
Corvette Clutch Fork, 1964-1981
Model: 1002182
Condition: NEW
  Replaces Worn Originals Assures Smooth Clutch Operation   …
Corvette Clutch Return Spring, 1968-1981
Model: 1007723
Condition: NEW
Corvette Clutch Fork Pivot Stud, 1956-1981
Model: 1006896
Condition: NEW
Length: 1.49" …
Corvette Clutch Housing Inspection Cover, 350/427/454, 1966-1974
Model: 1009083
Condition: NEW
Reproduction of the original style clutch housing and flywheel cover plate designed for use on a variety of 1964-81 Chevrolet models as listed. Manufactured in stamped steel to original specifications that replicate the original cover. The…
Full Size Chevy Pedal Shaft Bushings, Brake & Clutch, 1960-1975
Model: 1007721
Condition: NEW
Best Quality Reproduction Brake & Clutch Pedal Bushings Plastic Sleeve Bushings As Original Set Of 4 For Brake Pedal On Full Size With Automatic Transmission For Clutch & Brake Pedal On Full Size With Manual…
Corvette Clutch Cross Shaft Felt Seal, 1956-1981
Model: 1007734
Condition: NEW
The clutch cross shaft is a piece of steel that slides into the transmission case, and it is the pivot point for the fork that pushes onto you clutch diaphragm. Basically, if it were to fall out you wouldn't be able to operate the clutch…
Classic Headquarters Pedal Shaft Retaining Clip Only, A/T or M/T W-597A
Model: 1007633
Condition: NEW
Retaining clip for clutch pedal on manual transmision cars and 5/8" pin on automatic transmision cars. One required per car. Clip is included on cluch and brake pedal assembly (W-597, W-598 & W-839). Group 0.837 & 4.634 GM Part #…
55-81 Clutch Fork Spring - Rivets To Fork
Model: 1010753
Condition: NEW
$29.99 ea $27.99
Corvette Clutch Return Spring, 1963-1967
Model: 1008411
Condition: NEW
69-81 Bell Housing Bolts Correct "A"
Model: 1024280
Condition: NEW
$17.99 st $17.99
Corvette Clutch Housing Inspection Cover, 327 or Heavy Duty, 1963-1972
Model: 1009082
Condition: NEW
Replacement Cover Fits 1963-66 327 With 10" Clutch Fits 1965 396 SHP Fits 1967-69 427 Aluminum Cylinder Head Fits 1970-72 350 & Heavy-Duty 4-Speed Replacement for 354497, 3788422 …
Corvette Clutch Pivot Stud Nylon Seat, 1963-1981
Model: 1007732
Condition: NEW
This 1963-1981 Corvette Clutch Pivot Stud Nylon Seat is made to original specifications and is the perfect fit for your 1963-1981 Corvette. It is designed to meet, or exceed, original performance. Replacement Stud 2…
Corvette Clutch Pedal Push Rod, 1968-1981
Model: 1007722
Condition: NEW
Camaro Clutch Bellcrank Pivot Ball & Stud, Frame Side, 1967-1969
Model: 1007730
Condition: NEW
Accurately machined reproduction fits all original and reproduction big and small block bell-cranks. …
Corvette Clutch Cross Shaft, 1967-1981
Model: 1007726
Condition: NEW
65-82 Clutch Rod Boot Screws
Model: 1024154
Condition: NEW
Plug To Firewall - 3 Pieces FIREWALL BOOTS SCREWS …
Corvette Clutch Fork 4+3, 1984-1988
Model: 1004765
Condition: NEW
Reproduction Of Original For Use With 4 + 3 Transmission …
$149.99 ea $139.74
Corvette Clutch Housing Inspection Cover, 1975-1981
Model: 3117622
Condition: NEW
Use with 3899621 Bell Housing …
OER 1968-81 T10 Clutch/Flywheel Housing Cover 340252
Model: 3089127
Condition: NEW
Reproduction cover designed to protect the clutch flywheel housing. This often cracked or missing cover is required to keep water and other road debris from entering this crucial area and causing damage. Applications 1975-81 Ca…
63-81 Clutch Pedal Push Rod Swivel / Headlight Door Warning Switch Nuts
Model: 1024089
Condition: NEW
Set of 2 3/8-16 Hex Jam Nuts used to mount the 63-81 Clutch Pedal Push Rod Swivel , 69-76 Headlight Door Open Warning Swiches and 74-77 Theft Alarm Switch RODS NUTS PEDALS NUTS …
Corvette Clutch Bellhousing, 11", Aluminum, 1966-1981
Model: 1013210
Condition: NEW
GM Part# 3899621 Chevy aluminum bell housing. This bell housing fits all 11" clutch big and small block Chevrolet engines with the 168-tooth 14” flywheel.  Correct with GM logo and part number! Buyer Beware- there are…
$230.99 ea $215.69
Corvette Clutch Cross Shaft Seat Retainer Spring, 1963-1981
Model: 1007733
Condition: NEW
The clutch cross shaft is a piece of steel that slides into the transmission case, and it is the pivot point for the fork that pushes onto you clutch diaphragm. Basically, if it were to fall out you wouldn't be able to operate the clutch…
Corvette Clutch Pedal Rod, Big Block, 1965 or All, 1966-1967
Model: 1002021
Condition: NEW
  Stock Replacement 19-1/4" Long   …
$22.99 ea $21.38
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